Math a Mabinogion Tale

As I am headed back to Wales to live in early 2021, I was limited on projects that I could start. Therefore I decided to begin the next big series of in-depth sculptural paintings of the Mabinogion. 

The first one I am starting with is Math, this one just happens to be a favourite of mine. It will comprise of 10 oil and ink paintings presented with metal frames suspended above a carved wooden plinth. 

I have started the first of the 10 drawings and estimate it will take me about 3 months to complete. So all in all this project will take approximately  3 years to complete all 11 stories. 

Dante's Inferno

Below is the first part of Dante's journey into the Hell. I am still waiting to bring in the photographer to share this magnificent piece with you all. It will be worth the wait, this piece is comprised of one central copper sculpture surrounded by 7 floating platforms depicting Dante's story. It is an exciting piece and took 18 months to create.