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Lady Gaga making an appearance on Madison Square Gardens

Updated: Apr 1

A bold new era of art is happening here in Kidwelly, Carmarthenshire, Wales. Check out what to see here in Kidwelly. Exciting and different, every piece and explosion of imagination. Welcome to the wonderful world of Welsh artist Julia O'Sullivan.

'The Gaga world of Stefani Germanotta'. The Painting of Lady Gaga.

Most of my work has an organic flow to it, all my pieces are saturated with bold colour. My artwork is contemporary with sharp lines and contrasting dramatic scenes.

When I create a piece I am unpredictable as to where the story will take me, the transformation of the story through my eyes takes on a new and sometimes very exciting twist.

I put a lot of my soul into each piece I create, sometimes they are whimsical, sometimes they are horrifying. We are after all made up of both the light and dark.

The Gaga World of Stephani book available here. This book tells of the story and ideas behind the painting, including sketches of the process.

Lady Gaga - Mother Monster and her fans.

Welsh Artist Julia's Painting depicting the life and music of Lady Gaga, she stands on Madison Square Gardens playing her piano. Mother Monster to her fans, New York is the backdrop to the painting with little references to her music and life throughout.
Artwork for Sale - Welsh Artist, Painting of Lady Gaga standing on top of Madison Square Gardens, Mother Monster with her fans beneath her. New York in the background.

The Lady Gaga, Mother Monster painting was created in 2012, she stands 2 meters high and is glorious.

I am a story teller in oils, I research all my subjects and see what I am able to create from the information. She took 8 months to create.

Lady Gaga is the first painting of mine to incorporate both metal and glass into the piece. The design finished with metal gates which hold the glass mask in place hiding the raw image of her nude face beneath, a play on the window to the soul.

She stands upon the Madison Square gardens which I came to feel that this was one of the proudest moments in her career to date (2012). All through the painting are reflections on parts of her music and her life. Freddie Mercury even makes an appearance with his radio. 

Welsh Artist Julia's Painting depicting the life and music of Lady Gaga created in 2012, here you see her face from beneath the glass mask, with her rosary and tattoos that mean a lot to her. One side Marilyn Monroe the other Marilyn Manson.
Artwork for sale, Welsh Artist Julia's painting of Lady Gaga - Mother Monster, with references to her working career and her personal life.

I did make a trip to Auckland in 2012 and waited outside her hotel with a photo of the painting, my friend had taken a very nice copy of the piece and left it with reception for her. We waited 6 hours with no show, but her body guard did come and see us all and he said that the copy was with her. We felt elated and left. Months later I got a phone call from the hotel informing me that there was a copy of the painting left in the room and would I like it back. This still makes me laugh till this day, she obviously did not like the way I depicted her in the painting.

So there you go it takes a lot to make it in this world but it doesn't mean you shouldn't try, and don't get down hearted if you are turned away or ignored, the journey is the main thing. I have enjoyed every moment I have spent on each and everyone of my paintings, and I still have not yet sold anything. My art makes me smile, money does not, but we need money to live as we are all born into the slavery of mankind. I am a realist not a fantasist, I understand the way the world works and do not allow myself to get upset by the drudge of it all.

I will be bringing my artworks back the UK in early 2021 as I believe I'm a little too odd for New Zealanders! My Great Welsh Dragon is already there at Swansea University.

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