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The Disorderly Demise of the Cerebral Cortex.

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

'The Disorderly Demise of the Cerebral Cortex." - Mental Health oil painted sculptures.

Most of my work has an organic flow to it, all my pieces are saturated with bold colour. My artwork is contemporary with sharp lines and contrasting dramatic scenes.

When I create a piece I am unpredictable as to where the story will take me, the transformation of the story through my eyes takes on a new and sometimes very exciting twist.

I put a lot of my soul into each piece I create, sometimes they are whimsical, sometimes they are horrifying. We are after all made up of both the light and dark.

I thought I would share my 7 heads with you in video form. In this video the 7 heads depict 7 different mental health conditions. These heads show what a person with these conditions live with every day. They are both beautiful and scary. I have taken the time to research each condition so that I could portray them in the best way possible. I myself do not suffer from any of these conditions but I do have family members that do, this is a tribute to them. Below are the individual videos of each condition, and my connection with them (if any).


Depression is one that I have a close connection with. My own husband has suffered all his life from this condition. It's not an easy condition to deal with and at times it was hugely draining. This head tells the story of depression. The first head with its mask covering the cracking of the person beneath, a rather sinister clown mask as this is no smiling matter. Inside the first head all that is beautiful is being strangled and absorbed by the darkness. The second head depicts the caged mind which is inside the first head.

I didn't realise how much hard work it was for him to smile all day at work until he went on the magic pill. After one week of medication he turned to me and said "I've been happy all week", I found this heartbreaking. As a person who has a mind of happiness and mental well being it was an eye opener to hear that he had lived all his life in emotional darkness and sadness. Depression robs people of their true potential. I do hope in the future they will put more research into finding out why some people's minds are so afflicted.


Dementia is another illness that has affected my family. My late father had frontal lobe dementia.

The head tells the story of how the mind reverts back to childhood and how parts of the rational mind disappear to leave holes in the consciousness. The colour of their personality drains away month by month to leave a vacant shell of the person they once were.


Anxiety is another illness that I am closely connected with. I have many friends and family with this condition. I have noticed that anxiety is a very crippling mental illness and at times extremely overwhelming for the person suffering from it.

This head begins with the story of Anxiety on the outside, the mathematical equations represent the perfect order of the universe and the butterflies are a representation of the Chaos Theory. From what I have witnessed from severe sufferers they have a tendency to OCD, unfortunately you can't control everything and this in part is a problem for them. The copper rods have phrases etched onto them of phrases that can be taken in different ways, anxiety minds often take what is said and allow it to spiral out of control in their own heads (hence the spiral of words beneath the head). The inside of the head shows a rabbit hole with words and phrases representing what emotions race through their minds as they process life around them#bloggingtips


Addiction I think we can all relate to. I am lucky enough that I only have bad habits, but I have witnessed severe addiction in some people to the point of self destruction and death.

This head shows how dangerous the euphoric nature of addiction is, with the claws around the head pulling the person down into the darker parts of the illness. Inside the head shows the never-ending pathways towards the light, never getting there. The chains root the head to the base as these people are indeed manacled by their own illness.


Bipolar. I personally don't have a connection to this illness but I took the time to read blogs and watch videos of people who live with this illness.

The two heads are painted in a mirror type fashion. The one head looking down is the darkness and despair and the head at the top is the elation and manic part of this illness.


Schizophrenia. Again I don't know anyone with this illness, but again I took the time to research it.

The outside of the head shows the visual hallucinations of this illness while the inside depicts the audial hallucinations.

Multiple Personality Disorder

Multiple Personality Disorder, one that is caused by mistreatment from others.

The outside of the head shows 5 different personalties. Although I know the mind can fracture into many more I chose to show only 5. They range from a warrior to a hippy, a slut and a goth. The final one is the small child who is protected by the other 4. Inside the head shows the story of why the mind has fractured. It depicts the abuse suffered by these people.

So with Mental Health Awareness week 2020 coming up I do hope you take the time to have a look at these rather unusual heads and maybe put yourself in the shoes of others for a few minutes. How they treat you is nothing personal, we all need to have a greater tolerance for these illnesses and a greater understanding.

Oil painting sculpture of a head depicting the mental health of Dementia
Mental Health sculptural oil painting. This head depicts Dementia .

Sculpted oil painted head depicting the mental illness of addiction.
Mental health sculptural oil painting, this painting depicts addiction.

Sculpted oil painted head depicting the mental illness of anxiety
Mental Health sculptural oil painting, this one depicts anxiety.

Sculpted oil painted head depicting the mental illness of schizophrenia
Mental Health sculptural oil painting, this one depicts schizophrenia

Sculpted oil painted head depicting the mental illness of Depression
Mental Health sculptural oil painting , this one depicts Depression

Sculpted oil painted head depicting the mental illness of Bipolar
Mental Health sculptural oil painting, this one depicts Bipolar

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