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Swansea University Great Hall - The Great Welsh Dragon Sculpture

Updated: Apr 1

A bold new era of art is happening here in Kidwelly, Carmarthenshire, Wales. Check out what to see here in Kidwelly. Exciting and different, every piece and explosion of imagination. Welcome to the wonderful world of Welsh artist Julia O'Sullivan.

Most of my work has an organic flow to it, all my pieces are saturated with bold colour. My artwork is contemporary with sharp lines and contrasting dramatic scenes.

When I create a piece I am unpredictable as to where the story will take me, the transformation of the story through my eyes takes on a new and sometimes very exciting twist.

I put a lot of my soul into each piece I create, sometimes they are whimsical, sometimes they are horrifying. We are after all made up of both the light and dark.

Dragon sculpture depicting the history of Wales, 29 paintings showing the factual and fairy tale history of Wales, assembled on a metal dragon made out of copper scales.
History of Wales - The Great Welsh Dragon Sculpture which resides in Swansea University in Wales.

Emrys - The Great Welsh Dragon is finally home in Wales. Thanks to Phil and Rosan Saunders for making his journey happen. He is presently located at Swansea Bay University campus in the Great Hall on Fabian Way. Anyone can go and view him, a great day out with the beach just over the dunes behind him. Read all about him in the book (ebook here). 

Feel free to come and join me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, I look forward to meeting new people.

Great article from Wales on-line here. Thanks Heledd Pritchard.

The History of Wales -The Great Welsh Dragon is finally complete, and so is the book.  I am now looking for a publisher and a home for the dragon. All the history and the Mabinogion is written in rhyme, and it is complete with lush photos and sketches of this sculpture.

I have learnt a lot about different mediums while working on this piece, and have enjoyed experimenting with metals, enamels and slate. The paintings took 7 months to create. Each copper scale took 1 hour (and there are a lot of them). I spent many hours banging metal and forming it to bring this sculpture to life. There are reasons behind every inch of the piece and all to do with Wales. The Great Welsh Dragon is truly a monument to the wonderful people of Wales. It is the biggest story I have told to date. I am not sure there is a bigger one to tell.

This project has taken 2 years to build and is a labour of love and not commissioned. I am an unknown artist working out of my garage in a town called Te Aroha in NZ. I would love to afford to return to Wales to live to build a brewery for my husband and a studio for me.

This sculpture is 2.8meters high, 2.6 meters long and 1.5 meters wide. It has 29 oil paintings, 940 copper scales (762 of which are etched with famous Welsh people). It celebrates all that is Welsh. The coal, slate, lead, gold, pig iron and copper industry are included. There is much to see and enjoy.

What next for The Great Welsh Dragon

I look forward to seeing what the University will do with him. I believe they have some wonderful ideas, I'll keep you posted.

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